Founder & CEO, PhD Researcher in Computational Social Science at the University of Antwerpen

AI Team Supervisor, Director at Computer and Decision Engineering, CoDe IRIDIA ULB

Senior Machine Learning Engineer & AI Team Supervisor

Senior Machine Learning Engineer & AI Team Supervisor

Supervisor Criminology & Safety Sciences at the Ghent University

Chief Operating Officer

Co-Founder, Senior Data Scientist, Product Engineer & Visualization

Chief Technology Officer

Senior Data Scientist in Computational Business & Economics, KULeuven & UCLL

Computational Neuroscientist, KULeuven & Mindspeller

Senior Machine Learning Engineer, VUB AI Lab

Software & Big Data Analytics Engineer

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Senior Data Scientist & Product Engineer, PhD Researcher at the Leiden University

Senior Software Engineer and Architect

Data Scientist

Junior Data Scientist, KULeuven & UCLL

Red Teaming and Homeland Security Expert