Hasan Süzen

Founder & CEO, PhD Researcher in Computational Social Science at the University of Antwerpen

Prof. Huuges Bersini

AI Team Supervisor, Director at Computer and Decision Engineering, CoDe IRIDIA ULB

Prof. Salih Tutun

Senior Machine Learning Engineer & AI Team Supervisor

Dr. Patrick De Maziere

Senior Machine Learning Engineer & AI Team Supervisor

Prof. Wim Hardyns

Supervisor Criminology & Safety Sciences at the Ghent University

Erman Atak

Chief Operating Officer

Murat Yalcin

Co-Founder, Senior Data Scientist, Product Engineer & Visualization

Dr. Tom Magerman

Senior Data Scientist in Computational Business & Economics, KULeuven & UCLL

Computational Neuroscientist, KULeuven & Mindspeller

Senior Machine Learning Engineer, VUB AI Lab

Dr. Halil Azyikmis

Chief Technology Officer, Software & Big Data Analytics Engineer

Dr. Erkam Guresen

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Veysel Kocaman

Senior Data Scientist & Product Engineer, PhD Researcher at the Leiden University

Ibrahim Sishaneci

Senior Software Engineer and Architect

Ibrahim Ince

Data Scientist

Tom Eversdijk

Junior Data Scientist, KULeuven & UCLL

Dr. Cihan Aydıner

Red Teaming and Homeland Security Expert