Transforms big data into targeted marketing & sales

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Visualized demographics and customers’ interests (Predictive clients’ cognitive perspectives, patterns, near the real time status info)


Tracking geo-located info and heatmaps


Query of objects/events/actors/factors and receive results in max 5 seconds

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

  • Behavioural future pattern analyses of target customers and competitors
  • Deep understanding of behavioural characteristics and cognitive perspectives of clients
  • Accuracy of occurrence (churn probability, trafficking, engaging, disengaging, selling)
  • Automated alerts & early warnings for market moving events/shifts in characteristics of customers and reasoning for expected outcomes (Targeted campaigns)

Case Management

  • Content creation, extensive key word research
  • Search Engine Optimization and smart branding
  • Building customer profiles (Cost reduction and productivity gain through automation and personalization)